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An integrated system in the service of Structural Steel Fabricators

A Modular System

As the time available for planning and production gets shorter and shorter, the demands on structural steel fabricators escalates at an ever increasing pace. Changing requirements - after production has commenced - calls for transparency and flexibility in the IT solution deployed. In this context, SteelOffice offers comprehensive support with its integrated and praxis-tested modules.

Data is linked together, from the creation of construction plans via production planning all the way to the  control of the machines, for example: nc controlled saw-drill combinations, plate burning machines, punching or coping machines, etc.

Reliability in project planning

SteelOffice provides comfortable and comprehensive access to exhaustively calculated demand in its ordering programs. Excellent planning and reservation logistics are facilitated in the inventory management module, with all possibilities available for practice-oriented withdrawals.

Changes in construction and deadlines during the building phase can be followed by automatic warning mechanisms. A construction timetable visualizes deadline dependencies, and the capacity utilization module supports the necessary re-disposition.

Transparency in Documentation

Constant cost and timing control is essential for completing a successful project. SteelOffice facilitates ease of product data aquisition, for example online by barcode. Estimates from the original offer are compared with real costs through real-time associated calculations. The completion stage of production remains transparent at every stage.

In order to document projects following the standard DIN EN1090, the system tracks the raw materials used - together with their certifications via reports from the workshop.

Integration with company IT systems

SteelOffice naturally offers interfaces to other accounting programs (e.g. for financial accounting, salaries, SAP), as well as to CAD systems via the DSTV interfaces and DXF file import, also parts allocation for invoicing and if required with area calculation by the VOB method ("rubber band").

Under the menu point "SteelOffice", you can find further detailed information on our software solution. In addition, our experts are always available to answer your questions, or suggest solutions to your specific challenges.

What our customers say:

"SteelOffice supports our production processes all the way to controlling the machines, and provides the data we need to successfully keep track of project costs and quality. This system is continually being improved in our company, with the support of Gutsch & Exner as an expert partner.“
Reiner Schubert, Director,
Stahlbau Schubert GmbH, Markersdorf

Work in the IT Committee of the DSTV

For many years, Gutsch & Exner Software has been active in the IT Committee of the German Steel Construction Association (DSTV, Deutscher Stahlbau-Verband). As one of the authors of the DSTV interface, Mr. Gutsch was influential in ensuring that a normed interface was developed which recognised the importance of distributed production and the resulting need to exchange data between planners, producers and constructors.
 To the DSTV

Customers who trust in SteelOffice: