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Weekdays from 8.00 to 17.00 our customers enjoy a permanently manned Helpline. We are also happy to take up your questions via the support form below. Perhaps the FAQs below will help answer your question already.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, the current version of  "GuSetup.exe" supports Windows 8.

On a different workstation, run the SteelOffice program AD120 for managing workstations. In the workstations table, find the workstation whose license is to be removed, and delete the line in the table by pressing the key combination <ctrl><delete>. This frees up a license which can then be used on the new PC when SteelOffice is setup on it.

Yes. In this case, the modules for server support and the Pervasive Database System are required.

“Colourful" program windows in SteelOffice are an indication that the program could not find a valid license for the workstation. The program should be stopped immediately, and restarted. The reason for this is usually a network problem, or a problem with the license server. If the problem should reoccur, please contact Support.

A "Status 30" error means that the file shown in the error report has been damaged. The error will then appear on all other workstations in the network. Depending on which file is damaged, one or more components of SteelOffice may no longer function. In this case, please contact Support at once.