Software for Structural Steel

Scheduling & Capacity Management

Project Manager

Scheduling represents a powerful tool for the Project Manager. Together with the accompanying real-time costing information, it makes it possible to follow the on-time and on-budget status of each project in real time.

Business Managers

Capacity Management builds on the Scheduling information, and allows Management to undertake holistic strategic planning of all outstanding work by examining available capacity. Bottlenecks and under-utilization can be observed in time for corrections to ensure optimal use of resources.

General Scheduling

Timing and deadline planning is organised with Gantt Charts. When creating charts for a Contract, the user can choose any previously saved pattern, and adjust its data appropriately.

Hours Worked

As part of resources planning, the program will take expected working hours from the preliminary calculation. These can be altered on screen, and allocated within the planned time frame. The constant check against real-time data from Production Data Aquisition allows checking and adjustment of the hours actually required.


For all resources, such as Production Lines and Cost Centres, the capacity requirement for all planned work is compared with available normal and maximal capacity on a weekly basis in order to determine current capacity utilization. Simulations can be carried out by including potential other work. The comparison between demand and available capacity can be presented numerically, in Excel tables or Bar Diagrams, and provides an excellent planning instrument.

Bar charts showing all currently planned work can be output for each Resource (e.g. Individual Part Production) or group of Resources (e.g. Workshop).