Software for Structural Steel

Parts Lists / Production Planning

Parts Lists are the central production documents for the Steel Construction industry. Dealing with complex projects, they must however be available in many different contexts, and be able to present their data in a flexible and appropriate manner. For example for a Production Lot or for an Assembly Call. SteelOffice will present the data all the way along its path to the final invoicing of erected parts.

Photo: Donges SteelTec GmbH

We are a member of the IT Committee of the German Steel Construction Association.
We are active participants in the continual development of the following interfaces: 

  •      Interface CAD - structured part list
  •      Interface standard description of steel components for the NC
  •      Material designations for data exchange

This guarantees a high level of integration between SteelOffice and all popular CAD systems.

The data from the CAD system or from the supplier engineering office can easily and reliably be transferred into SteelOffice, and subsequently processed in production control, in ordering and in NC control.
A converter is used to support import, which uses an intelligent learning system (eg. in translating foreign language material names). The supplied NC Viewer allows visual monitoring of the NC data before importing.

In SteelOffice this module forms the basis for all other modules of the BOM system and the production planning. A BOM taken from the CAD is further processed or it is entered manually using a supplied material master data.

Working with standard items and standard variant parts enables rapid processing of the bills of material with optimal structure for the needs of the individual company manufacturing and assembly/shipping planning.

When reports are available in the basic module, among others are available:

  •      Order Overview
  •      Drawing report
  •      BOM
  •      Parts list
  •      Material types list
  •      Bolt / Special Parts List
  •      Shipping list


The parts lists created in the engineering are further processed in the production planning. In this case, maintaining standard times for production can be added in SteelOffice next to the assignment of operations or production lines. On the other hand, can be done in SteelOffice an automatic allocation of production lines according to individual defined rules.

As production documents are available:

  • Withdrawal Report
  • Welding BOM
  • BOM per operation (i.e. for saw/drill line, for plate machine, for coper)
  • Coating BOM
  • Assembly BOM
  • Parts tracking BOM
The individual drawings of a contract be pursued in conjunction with the existing BOM program on their way from engineering via the work preparation into the fabricaion up to shipping to the site in the assembly sequence.

The production documents are per operation barcoded to allow the feedback of the processing time and the production object.

The state of completion for a module or a single part can be checked detailed per operation in the following categories:

     Single part manufacturing
     Main part manufacturing

Mobile terminals for component prosecution or for the automated creation of delivery

Mobile Terminals zur Bauteilverfolgung oder zur automatisierten Erstellung von Lieferscheinen
Mobile terminals for component tracking or for the automated creation of delivery notes

The contract specifications are assigned parts list items. This assignment can be automatically carried out by the program based on part weights, grades and other conditions.

A data exchange with accounting systems via e-mail or disk is available using the standard interface REB DA11.

An order can be split and scheduled for assembly planning in several sections of delivery (assembly schedules). For each assembly section all shipping parts are listed with the appropriate shipping date.

When shipping the individual lorry loads are created and a delivery note is printed. A constant overview of total weight (over-weight transport?) and shipping dimensions is provided.

Shipping status of an assembly section and delivery tracking are available. As an option, it is possible to output shipping labels for loading via a mobile terminal, or punch metal labels (for shipping to galvanization).

Etiketten-Varianten zur Materialmarkierung oder Bauteilrückmeldung
Some label variants used for part marking or reporting of the parts status