Software for Structural Steel

Integration of DIN EN 1090

Traceability of components

Following the expiry of different national norms, DIN EN 1090 sets advanced standards for quality management and in particular the traceability of the material.

Here SteelOffice offers a proven process, through the integration of a wide variety of machine controls with the principles of manufacturing process planning and documentation of inventory, including certificate and batch management.

As a result, traceability is ensured:

  • for the raw material (eg. use approved suppliers only)
  • for items (eg. item 123 was produced on the Peddinghaus machine at 05/06/2014 by employee Miller using feed stock line 521, which in turn was a remnant of the stock line 410, which was purchased on 03/01/2014 at supplier Thyssen Ltd. for 650 / ton.)
  •  Supplier rating details, which are included in the Materials Management Module, will reveal whether the delivery and punctuality quality was acceptable.

Integration shown by the example of a nesting map