Software for Structural Steel

News and Dates

New Module: "Resources Management"

Resources are collated in a table, be they saws or drills, ladders, vehicles, calibration equipment or measuring tools. 

The new module organises lending out the resources, and tracking and organising necessary safety-check and service dates. Return overdue? Then it flashes red!

Milling on burn-drill machines

New feature: Milling slotted holes and inner contours

Continued development of drilling heads has led to SteelOffice now also offers milling for slotted holes and inner contours.

In addition to the contour milling option - which is also available on saw-drill machines - SteelOffice also allows you to burn out an inner contour or hole with plasma at high speed, and then mill the edges precisely in a second step.

Fräsen von Langlöchern und Innenkonturen
Part with milled inner contours and edge-milled hole